American Studies

From politics and philosophy to education and entertainment, I'm fascinated by American culture.
American Fatherhood

American Fatherhood

I discovered some interesting insights into American fatherhood by considering “The Scarlet Letter,” its narrative content, its historical context, its influence on later American writers, and comparing these traditional perspectives with the modern American response to DNA paternity testing.

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I'm the other Steve smith. Career coaches call me a "synthesizer" because I'm passionate about using analysis and creativity to make things better and help people learn.


"Steve is one of those rare individuals who is as strong right brain as he is left brain—incredible analytic and financial skills, yet is super creative, with the design and software talents to actually do the work.

Retail packaging, operations, pricing, budgeting, advertising, website development, and sales—Steve does it all and is always positive and a joy to work with."

Angie Echele, Consultant at Anheuser-Busch

"I worked with Steve for over 10 years and have learned so much from him! He sees the potential in people and gives them opportunities to grow and the freedom to learn. He's a valued mentor in business as well as in my personal life."

Kimberly McGregor, Account Manager at

"Steve is a remarkable talent. With good judgment, excellent management skills, creativity and finesse; Steve manages to juggle his own projects while effectively managing those under his supervision. Very few are so well-rounded. Truly, he is an enormous asset for any organization."

Terry Carmichael, Global Marketing Manager at BioPharma Institute